Tesco Webmail

The European Shipment Company, also known as Tesco is the world’s third largest supermarket group and the UK’s biggest retailer by sales. Most people know Tesco for its groceries and other retail products. Did you know however that Tesco also provides Internet and E-mail services? The Tesco.net email service is owned and operated by Tesco Stores Limited. Tesco webmail and email users can send and receive emails from any device that supports Outlook and is connected to the Internet.

To access your Tesco webmail you need to log in on your Tesco My Account or Sign in if you haven’t registered yet. After logging in on your Tesco account, you can view your Tesco webmail, read and send emails, and change your account settings. Other services provided by Tesco net email include creating and modifying your online contacts, organising your messages through several folders, changing display elements and creating your own personal signature for all outgoing Tesco mails.

The login process for Tesco Webmail is also very simple:
Your Login ID is your Tesco net email address. Your Email password is the same as your Web mail password. After filling in these fields, you can click enter and will be redirected to your Tesco Webmail.

Customers using Tesco Net email need to check their email regularly and store any emails they wish to save. All emails (read and unread) are deleted after 120 days if not saved by the user. The same applies to tesco accounts that haven’t been accessed for a while: if you don’t log in to your tesco net email for 180 days, Tesco will close your account and delete any messages you had filed. After deleting your email account, you cannot reactivate your mailbox to recover your emails.

Users that send and receive large files need to be careful as well: the Tesco Mailbox has a limit of 5Gb, this should be sufficient to send and receive a large number of emails that consist of text only. However, if you’re used to sending for example music and picture files, be aware that the Mb’s can add up very quickly. After reaching the 5Gb limit, any emails causing your tescomail to exceed are automatically deleted.

In January 2015 Tesco sold all of its broadband services to TalkTalk. However, the current customers (approximately 75,000) can still continue with the Tesco broadband service and accompanying tesco net email and webmail. This means that after the transfer of Tesco to Talktalk your tesco net email service will function as usual and you won’t loose any email files as a result of this transfer. The login process will also remain the same. The only difference with before will be that talktalk customer service will answer your call if you encounter any difficulties with your tescomail or tesco account.

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