Sky Email Login

When you hear the name Sky in relation to telecommunications in the UK, the term brings to mind excellent customer support, a wide range of content and television services with a free basic broadband package. These are supported by the stellar Sky email login system which allows users to quickly download and consume the content that they are paying to access. Sky Email can effectively be considered a free email option, as when paired with the free broadband account it gives you everything that you need to get online quickly and stay there for free – as long as you keep your access under 2GB which should be plenty for Sky mail users and casual browsers. Sky Email Login is easy via After sign in you can browse through your My Sky account, change your mail settings and view e-mails.

Sky webmail currently uses Yahoo! as a backend provider, making it easy to transfer contacts to and from the system as well as the ability to see all of your messages in the same place. The Sky Email app on your phone lets you quickly and easily sign in and access your ‘My Sky Account’. Once you’re logged in, you can see your messages and respond on the spot, while the Conversations feature groups your emails so a reply will always be in context. Smart searches and filters in Sky Webmail give you powerful ways to find the information that you need, just when you need it while not seeing all of the promotional emails that you may or may not be interested in at the moment. Photographic themes provide visual interest to your Sky Email Login and let you customize your inbox to suit your personality and style.

Sky webmail offers you plenty of storage space as well as nearly every email feature you would want plus an instant messenger and calendar, but it does not include social media links or feeds which have the potential to be distracting from the core of what you are trying to accomplish.

Selecting a free email service such as Sky Email should not be taken lightly. Other service providers have been plagued with reports of security breaches that may not have occurred in a paid service. Phishing emails are rampant and a free email service provider may or may not spend the necessary funds in order to keep these spam messages out of your Sky webmail inbox. There are other security features such as automatic download restrictions and image blocking as well as secure Sky Email settings such as login procedures that will help keep you safe online as well.

  • Sky Email FAQ’s

    What are the Sky SMTP & POP settings?

    Incoming POP3:, Port: 995
    Outgoing SMTP:, Port: 465

    How can I reset my Sky My Account username?

    Without your Sky account username you cannot login to your Sky My account. You can retrieve your lost Sky username by clicking here.

    How to reset my Sky Password?

    Did you forgot your Sky email password? Don’t worry you can reset your Sky account password via the Sky My Account page. Reset your Sky password by clicking here.

  • Sky Email Settings

    Sky Email settings for Mac

    Email settings for Apple Mail

    1. From the File menu, choose Add Account.
    2. On the Add Account screen, enter your full name, Sky Yahoo Mail address and your Sky Yahoo Mail password and click Continue.
    3. Enter the settings below and click Continue:
      1. Account Type: IMAP if using IMAP or POP3 if using POP
      2. Description: A name for your account
      3. Incoming Mail Server: if using IMAP, or if using POP3
      4. Username: Your Sky Yahoo Mail address
      5. Password: Your Sky Yahoo Mail account password
    4. Tick the Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) option and click Continue.
    5. Enter the settings below:
      1. Description: A name for your account
      2. Outgoing Mail Server:
      3. Username: Your Sky Yahoo Mail address
      4. Password: Your Sky Yahoo Mail account password
      5. Make sure the Use Authentication box is ticked
    6. Click Continue.
    7. Tick the User Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) option and click Continue.
    8. Verify the settings are correct and click Create.

    Sky email on apple mail

    Email Settings for Outlook

    1. In Outlook 2011, select Tools followed by Accounts.
    2. Click the drop down arrow next to the [+] button and select E-mail.
    3. Enter the following Account details:
      1. E-mail Address: Your Sky Yahoo Mail address
      2. Password: Your Sky Yahoo Mail account password
      3. Username: Your Sky Yahoo Mail address again
      4. Type: POP
      5. Incoming server:, with port number 995
      6. Outgoing server:, with port number 465
      7. Tick Override default port and Use SSL to connect
    4. Click Add Account. Make sure the information shown is correct then click More Options.
    Sky email on apple mail

    5. Make sure the Authentication is set to Username and Password.

    6. Make sure the full Sky Yahoo Mail address has been entered for the User name and that the password has been entered.

    7. Click OK and close the Accounts page.

    To ensure the account is working correctly click Send/Receive at the top of the page. Any unread emails should now download to your Outlook Inbox.

    If any error message is received go back to step 3 and check the above information has been correctly entered.

    Sky Email settings for Blackberry Z10

    To add your Sky Yahoo Mail account on your Blackberry Z10, follow the instructions below. If you have already added Sky Yahoo Mail account but it is not working as expected, we recommend that you add your account again using the below settings.

    1. On the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen.
    2. Tap Settings, then Accounts.
    3. Tap Add Account and then Advanced at the bottom of the screen.
    4. Select the type of account you want to add, for example POP or IMAP.
    5. Enter your account information as below.
      1. Description: Sky Yahoo Mail (or a description of your choice)
      2. Username: Your Sky Yahoo Mail address
      3. Email address: Your Sky Yahoo Mail address again
      4. Password: Your Sky Yahoo Mail account password
      5. Server address: if using IMAP, if using POP
      6. Port: 993 if using IMAP, 995 if suing POP
      7. SMTP Username: Your Sky Yahoo Mail address again
      8. SMTP Password: Your Sky Yahoo Mail account password
      9. SMTP Server Address:
      10. SMTP Port: 465
    6. Tap Done.

    Sky Email settings for Blackberry

    If you have a Blackberry Z10, you can find instructions for setting up Sky Yahoo Email on your device further down the page. Otherwise, follow the instructions below.

    1. On the Home screen, go to Set Up.
    2. Select Email Accounts.
    3. Select the account type Other.
    4. Enter your Sky Yahoo Mail address and password.
    5. If the BlackBerry displays an error message such as “Invalid email address or password. Verify your email address and password.”, close the message if necessary and select the option “I will provide the settings”.
      1. Note: In some cases, “I will provide the settings” may not appear. To force this option to appear, enter an invalid email address such as and an invalid password.
      2. Be sure to re-type the correct email and password once the advanced settings are made available.
    6. Select POP/IMAP. Enter the following information:
      1. Email server: if using POP3
      2. Email server: if using IMAP
      3. Username: Your Sky Yahoo Mail address
      4. Password: Your Sky Yahoo Mail account password
    7. Click Continue or Finish to complete the set up.

    Sky Email Settings for Android

    1. On your device, tap the Email app. Select the Email tab and tap New.
    2. Tap Add Account.
    3. Enter your full Sky Yahoo Mail address and password and tap Next.
    4. Select the appropriate account type — POP or IMAP.
    5. Enter the following Incoming Server Settings:
      1. Username: full Sky Yahoo Mail address
      2. Password: Your Sky Yahoo Mail account password
      3. POP3 server: with Port 995 if using POP3
      4. IMAP server: with the Port 993 if using IMAP
      5. Make sure the Security type is set to “SSL (Accept all certificates)”.
    6. Tap Next.
    7. Enter the following Outgoing Server Settings and tap Next:
      1. with Port 465
      2. Make sure the Security type is set to “SSL (Accept all certificates)”.
    8. You can personalise your account name and enter your full name in the Your namefield.
    9. Tap Done when complete.

    Sky Email settings iPhone & iPad

    1. On your iPhone or iPad, tap Settings followed by Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Add Account and then Other.
    2. Tap Add Mail Account
    3. On the next screen, fill in your Sky Email account details:
      1. Name: Your name.
      2. Email: Your full Sky Email address.
      3. Password: The password you use to access your Sky Email account.
      4. Description: Your iPhone/iPad may automatically display “Sky” here, it is optional for you to change this.
    4. On the next screen make sure that:
      1. The IMAP tab is highlighted
      2. Host Name is
      3. Username is your full Sky Email address, including ‘’
      4. For Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP), your Host Name is

    Sky Email Settings for iPhone and iPad

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